Police officers threw teargas canisters at worshippers inside the Saint-Pierre Catholic Church in Pétion-Ville on Thursday. 

Many were injured and several fainted. They were transported to the hospital.

The mass was being held to protest against the ongoing violence. Protesters also set vehicles on fire near the church and marched inside with signs.

Some Catholic churches in the United States, Canada, France were held mass to call for an end to the ongoing violence in Haiti at the same time. Source

U.S. Ambassador to Haiti tapped for new role 

The Biden administration announced Thursday that Michele Sison, the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, was chosen to lead the Bureau of International Organization Affairs on Thursday, according to CNN.

A replacement for Sison as the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti. Sison has been a diplomat in Haiti since February 2018. Source

Interim PM Joseph presides over his first meeting

One day after his appointment as prime minister, Claude Joseph chaired his first Supreme Council of the National Police (CSPN) meeting on Thursday.

Joseph touched on urgent measures that officials plan to put into practice to end the kidnapping crisis. 

Five priests, two nuns and three members of a priest’s family were kidnapped on Sunday and are still being held captive. Source

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