jovenel moise haitian president
Claude Joseph (right) exchanging a handshake with President Jovenel Moïse after he was installed as prime minister. Twitter photo

Hours after being appointed as Haiti’s new prime minister on Wednesday, Claude Joseph said the solution to Haiti’s ongoing violence is the upcoming elections.

“Delivering free, fair and transparent elections is the top priority for this administration and the only way to create long-term peace and prosperity for all Haitians,” Joseph posted on his Twitter account.

Joseph is also the foreign minister. He replaces Joseph Jouthe, who resigned earlier Wednesday. Joseph is the sixth prime minister under President Jovenel Moïse.

Catholic churches, schools and businesses plan anti-kidnapping strike 

People gathered in front of the church of St Rock to pray for the release of those kidnapped. Photo credit: Reuters

Congregational schools, Catholic universities and most businesses in Port-au-Prince plan to go on strike Thursday to protest against rampant kidnappings in Haiti.

The Catholic Church and the Association and Chamber of Commerce called for the strike after five priests, two nuns and three members of a priest’s family were kidnapped on Sunday.

As of Thursday, the group was still being held captive. Source

Four officials serve two positions after latest government reshuffling

Louis Gonzague Edner Day, the minister of Haitians Living Abroad and of the interior and local authorities.

Following several appointments by decree Wednesday, the number of officials holding two cabinet posts in the Haitian government now stands at four.

Claude Joseph was appointed as prime minister and is still the minister of foreign affairs.

Louis Gonzague Edner Day was appointed as minister of the interior and local authorities, and has been the minister of the Haitians Living Abroad since March 2020.

Minister of Economy and Finances Michel Patrick Boisvert was appointed as the interim minister of planning and external cooperation as well.

Marie Giselhaine Mompremier has been the minister of women’s rights and social affairs since January. Source

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