A man signaling someone to come as state employees are sanitizing the streets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier for The Haitian Times

Haiti rejected the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine proposed by the World Health Organization, but also asked for another vaccine to replace it, a government official told Le Nouvelliste.

“The Ministry of Public Health and Population has formally written to the Gavi Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) to reject the AstraZeneca vaccine and ask to replace it with another vaccine more suitable for Haiti,” said Pradel Henriquez, the minister of culture and communication.

Henriquez did not mention why Haiti rejected the AstraZeneca vaccine nor which other vaccine is being requested. Source

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  1. One should learn to not look a gift horse in the mouth. Now that Haiti has been importing the new variants that are circulating in Miami, perhaps folks should begin to brace for many of the youth that made it through the first wave having their butts handed to them soon. It is killing people under 30 at a much higher rate

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