Protesters marching around the National Palace to call on spirits to help them overthrow President Jovenel Moise.

A group of anti-government protesters walked around the National Palace seven times Wednesday, calling on spirits to help them overthrow President Jovenel Moïse. 

“We’re in the streets to ​​invoke the spirits of our ancestors, the spirit of the great master, the spirit who made the earth and the sky, like Boukman said, so they can accompany us to kick Jovenel out of office,” said organizer Claude Toussaint.

The demonstrators said they will keep protesting until Moïse’s conscience torments him enough, he leaves office. They said they will hold another march without announcing it next time. Source

Voting equipment for diaspora arrives in US

Voting boxes from Haiti’s elections in October 2015. Photo by Vania Andre for The Haitian Times

Haiti has started to ship equipment to its diplomatic offices in the United States and the Dominican Republic so that Haitians in the diaspora can get the new identification card, an official said Thursday. The ID permits the diaspora to vote in Haïti elections through their local consular offices.

Guy André François, the National Office of Identification Card (ONI)’s general director, added that the process is taking longer than expected because of COVID-19 restrictions.

In Haiti, about 4.3 million residents are in ONI’s database to receive the new I.D. Source

PM Jouthe creates group to reduce violence

Members of the (SNDDR/RVC). Joseph Jouthe’s Twitter Images

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe has announced that he launched a group whose main objective is to disarm criminals and dismantle violent activities on Tuesday.

Jouthe made the announcement via a press release. The group is called the National Strategy for Disarmament, Dismantling, Reintegration and Reduction of Community Violence (SNDDR/RVC). 

It’s made up of officials from the ministry of justice and security, ministry of human rights, the police force, the office of civil protection and other agencies. Source

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