Three women posing for a picture with face coverings on. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier for The Haitian Times

The Haitian government has declined to receive the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), according to EFE, a Dominican news outlet.

About 756,000 vaccine doses were scheduled to arrive in Haiti in May, free of charge to the government, according to The Guardian.

Haïti has asked for vaccines from other drugmakers, an unnamed government source told EFE. However, the country’s lack of deep refrigeration infrastructure can only accommodate the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, which don’t require the deeply cold temperatures environments for handling and safekeeping. Source

At least 13 killed in Bel Air last week, human rights org says

Bel Air massacre
One of the 22 houses in Bel Air, Port-au-Prince that were set on fire during the gang attack in April.

At least 13 were killed, four were injured and five people went missing over two days of violence that took place last week in Bel Air, Port-au-Prince, according to a human rights advocacy group. The killings in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood took place over two days as residents fought off criminal gangs who tried to take over. 

Twenty-two homes and three businesses were set on fire during the crime spree by the gun toting G9 and Spit Fire gangs.

The fatal neighborhood siege started on Mar. 31 and ended on Apr. 1, according to the National Network of Human Rights Defense (RNDDH). The government has yet to comment. Source

EDH: Facing fuel shortage, residents will have fewer hours of electricity 

Haitians preparing food using the dim light of a rechargeable light bulbs. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier for The Haitian Times

Electricity of Haiti (EDH) will provide less electricity because the power company’s main fuel provider is having difficulty with supply, EDH’s general director said on social media Tuesday. 

“This situation will lead to a significant reduction in the production capacity of the company,” Michel Presume said. “EDH’s General Directorate would like to apologize to its loyal customers for the inconvenience this situation may cause them.”

As of Mar. 22, five cities in Haiti had enough power to provide electricity 24/7, but they did not because of lack of fuel.

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    1. There hasn’t been law and order there since my last visit in the mid 80’s, right when Duvallier was put on a plane

  1. hence why their president was assassinated

    he wouldn’t pay into the W.H.O extortion plan

  2. The President was right not to have the vaccine permited. The COVID19 experimental gene therapy “vaccine”, has killed more people than all of the previous vaccine in the world combined and remember the number reflects ‘cases’ not actual number of people with the virus. Everyone knows the PCR tests are not even supposed to be used for detecting viruses. Even the President of Tanzania knew and he was taken out just like Jovenel Moïse.

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