Haiti's Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe. Photo credit: Georges H. Rouzier
Joseph Jouthe
Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe. Photo by Georges H. Rouzier for The Haitian Times

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe said police made strategic mistakes, failed to comply with instructions and withheld information — leading to the failed mission that left four officers dead last month.

Jouthe listed the reasons in a press conference Wednesday to explain why the police operation against Five Seconds gang members in Village-de-Dieu failed.

Four officers were killed in an ambush and eight others were injured, the police have said. Another officer, Lucdor Pierre, was still being hostage by the gang members as of last week, his brother said. Source

1,000 inmates suffered from malnutrition

About 1,000 prison inmates in Haiti suffered from acute malnutrition during 2020, according to the United States Department of State.

Police officers are tasked with transporting food to prisoners. Human rights observers have reported that police officers don’t get paid on time nor do they receive funds to buy the food on time either, which is why inmates don’t get fed regularly.

International and local observers have also reported that prisoners lack basic hygienic supplies and healthcare services. Many inmates have caught waterborne diseases. Source

Senate president says people should approve language of new constitution

Joseph Lambert
Haiti’s Senate President Joseph Lambert.

Joseph Lambert, the president of the Senate, wrote on social media that the Haitian people should agree on the changes proposed to the constitution before the document is put up for ratification by referendum.

“This text [current constitution] ratified by the Haitian people marked the rupture of the old regime,” Lambert said. “It carries within itself the modalities of its transformation. Any revision of this social contract requires broad agreement.”

Thousands of residents have protested against a new constitution. A constitutional referendum will be held on Jun. 27.

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