The police force gave honor plaques to the police officers who took part in a deadly operation in Village-de-Dieu, Port-au-Prince. Police National d’Haiti Images

The Haitian National Police (PNH) presented a plaque to its SWAT team in honor of the four SWAT members slain during a botched operation earlier this month. 

Several police officers injured in the Village-de-Dieu operation also received honors. 

Authorities have yet to retrieve the bodies of the four officers killed. Gang members still hold captive one officer, Lucdor Pierre, his brother told Radio Model FM last week.

Some protesters burn down American flags, say they want Russia

Demonstrators during a march to reject the draft of the new constitution and ask Russia to associate with Haiti instead of the United States. Photo credit: Valerie Baeriswyl/ Agence France-Presse

Some Haitian protesters burned down American flags and held up signs demanding that the United States not associate with Haiti anymore during an anti-government protest on Sunday.

The demonstrators have accused the U.S. of supporting President Jovenel Moïse, whom they believe is a dictator. Moïse has denied being a dictator.

Protesters also held up the Russian flag to express that they’d like to take Russia’s offer to help Haiti restore political stability. Haitians burned down American flags and asked Russia to help back in 2019 also.

Two-day protest underway against new constitution

Billboards promoting the constitutional referendum set on fire. Photo credit: Toujoula

A protest against the upcoming constitutional referendum turned into a skirmish with police officers at Champ de Mars, a park near the National Palace.

Sunday’s demonstration was the first day of a two-day protest to mark the 34-year anniversary of the current constitution. President Jovenel Moïse has said the constitution is “inapplicable” in ordering that a new one be written. The new constitution being drafted will be up for a vote during a referendum scheduled for June 27. 

Residents took down and set fire to several posters promoting the referendum. They said they don’t want the new constitution to be written during Moïse’s term because they believe he’s a dictator.

Former judge breaks down during interview

Opposition groups’ designated president Joseph Jean-Louis.

Joseph Jean-Louis, a former Supreme Court judge designated as Haiti’s president by government opposition groups, broke into tears during a virtual interview Sunday. 

“I hope this country can be sweet again for the children,” Jean-Louis said during a Tele Image interview, breaking into tears. “I hope Haitian youngsters can fight with all their strength to give the country another look.”

“May God bless you all and walk with you so you can wipe the tears from Haiti’s eyes, who’s suffering a lot and must stop suffering,” he added.

Jean-Louis was selected to replace Moïse in February because the opposition believes Moïse’s term ended. But Moïse said his term ends in February of 2022.

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