A Haitian court has ordered the release of 17 people arrested in the alleged coup attempt against Jovenel Moïse in February.

Twenty-three people were arrested in what Moïse called a coup attempt on Feb. 7 in Petit Bois, a suburb 31 miles from Port-au-Prince. One of the accused, former Supreme Court Judge Ivickel Dabrésil, was released in February. 

The Court of Appeal ordered the release of 17 people this week who have been held at the Croix-des-Bouquets Civil Prison. It is not clear what happened to the other five other people arrested. 

Among those in the jailed group are Police Inspector Marie Louise Gauthier, ex-president candidate Dr. Marie Antoinette Gauthier, Claude Veillard and Louis Buteau. Source

Haiti tops Belize 2-0 to win World Cup qualifier

Haitian soccer players celebrating the second goal of their 2-0 victory over Belize on Mar. 25, 2021. Photo credit: Haiti-Tempo

Haiti’s soccer team powered past Belize 2-0 to win its first 2022 World Cup qualifying game home at Sylvio Cator Stadium on Thursday. 

Ricardo Adé scored the opening goal in the 50th minute with a header followed by a close shot into the net from Steven Séance in the 80th minute.

Les Grenadiers will travel to the Turks and Caicos on Jun. 5 to play their second World Cup qualifier.

Symptoms similar to COVID-19 spread in Gonaïves

Main Road of Gonaives, Haiti. Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Some residents of Gonaïves have been experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19, including cough, fever, loss of smell and taste and fatigue. Residents haven’t been getting tested to confirm if they are experiencing the pandemic virus or a variant. 

No deaths have been reported. 

The Health Ministry has yet to start a medical investigation on the outbreak, according to Rezo Nodwes. Source

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