Fantom 509, a gang of masked police officers designated as a terrorist organization, carjacked Belize’s soccer team in Port-au-Prince Monday.

The group held up the visiting team’s bus at gunpoint while it was on its way to a hotel.

Police officers negotiated with the Fantom 509 members to allow Belize’s team bus to continue on its route.

“It was a moment of intense fear,” said Deon McCauley, Belize’s co-captain, in a media note. “I am happy everyone is safe and I commend you guys for being brave.”

Belize is in Haiti to play Les Grenadiers on Thursday. Fantom 509 members took to the streets to demand that Five Seconds gang members release the bodies of five police officers murdered earlier this month, according to TripFoumi Enfo.

Fantom kills officer, bringing toll of slain police to 12

Fantom 509
Fantom 509 members marching in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Terrorist group Fantom 509 shot a police officer dead and injured another in Port-au-Prince Monday. 

The police officer killed was identified as Mistal Pierre-Richard. At least 12 police officers have been murdered in the past 10 days according to Le Nouvelliste. Five of them were murdered during a botched police operation in Village de Dieu March 12. Source

Expert: Haiti faces isolation if it doesn’t get COVID vaccine

Dr. Jean William Pape, the founder of GHESKIO, a health organization based in Haiti. Photo via Newsroom

Haiti could be isolated from other countries if Haitians don’t take a COVID-19 vaccine, public health expert Dr. Jean William Pape told Le Nouvelliste. 

The vaccine isn’t available in Haiti yet.

“Haiti will be one of the few countries not to have its population vaccinated,” Dr. Pape said. “The country will be isolated. Vaccinated countries will not accept unvaccinated Haitians and vaccinated people will not come to Haiti to not expose themselves to new variants.”

Haiti had 12,664 confirmed cases, 250 deaths and 10,177 recoveries from COVID-19 as of Mar. 9 according to the Health Ministry. Source

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  1. Why I’m the only one in world who know why the covid-19 virus is not really in Haiti. Some say it’s because of God’s miracle, so they believe Haiti is where the saints live. I said NO the reason is a lot more simple than that. But sorry I’m not about to give it away.

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