Protesters who were accompanying Fantom 509 members, a gang of masked police officers, looted Universal Motors car dealership in Port-au-Prince and set a fire inside it Wednesday. 

Reginald Boulos, the dealership’s owner, said without providing evidence that President Jovenel Moïse is to blame.

“It’s a conspiracy and Jovenel Moïse is the author,” Boulos said.

Boulos, who’s also the leader of a political party, MTVAyiti, has blamed the government before for other wrongdoings. Moïse has yet to comment on the statement. Source

Mob led by police gang breaks into station, release officers

Members of the mob who ransacked the police station in Delmas 33, Port-au-Prince, in March 2021. Photo credit: Juno7

Members of Fantom 509, accompanied by a mob, broke into a police station in Delmas 33 and released four police officers Wednesday. 

The mob also ransacked the police station and set tires on fire near the entrance. 

The four police officers released had been arrested for weapon possession after leaving an anti-Jovenel Moïse protest on Monday. They were identified as Jean Eliphaite Monfritz, Edivenson Joseph, Beker Beauplan and David Zidor. Source

Tourism Ministry apologizes for hanging flag upside down

The Ministry of Tourism hanged Haiti’s flag upside down during a meeting in March 2021. Photo credit: Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism apologized via a public note on Wednesday for hanging Haiti’s flag upside down during a recent meeting and said it was a “mistake.”

The picture of the flag hanging upside down had drawn an uproar in the comment section of the ministry of tourism’s social media pages.

The flag was set upside down during a meeting they had on their course of action after the pandemic is over on Wednesday. Source

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