Police inspector Carl Henry Boucher denied the accusation that he directed a group of police officers into a trap while looking at the videos from their vehicles’ drone cameras on Friday.

Five of the officers died, eight were injured. Haiti is in national mourning. 

“When I arrived, the armored vehicles were already inside Village de Dieu,” Boucher said. “I want to know the reasons why I’m asked to give an explanation. What did I do wrong? What was my role in the operation? Was I the head of the operation? Did I have any responsibilities for the operation?” Source

Police retrieves vehicle from gang, but not slain officers’ bodies

Police officers retrieved an armored vehicle from gang members in Village de Dieu in March.

Police have reclaimed one of their armored vehicles after negotiating with Village de Dieu gang leaders on Tuesday. 

But they didn’t retrieve the bodies of the five police officers the gang members killed nor the other armored vehicle taken Friday during the deadly botched operation. Source

Ex-med student turned into gang leader gets arrested 

Haiti’s civil prison in Croix-des-Bouquets. Photo credit: Reginald Louissant Jr./ AFP

A former second-year medical student was arrested on charges of burglary and weapon possession on Tuesday in Jean-Rabel, a commune in the Northwestern Department.

Voltaire Julien is the leader of a gang, according to Rezo Nodwes. Three of Voltaire’s accomplices were also arrested in early March.

Iscar Andris, a gang leader in Port-au-Prince, is a former accounting student. Source

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