A dozen healthcare workers organized a sit-in in front of the University Hospital of Peace in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday to say no to kidnapping and demand justice after a doctor and a nurse who were shot dead last week.

Dr. Ernst Pady was killed while resisting getting kidnapped. Nurse Edlyne Mentor was murdered about 24 hours later.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Dr. Jean-Hugues Henrice, one of the protesters. Source

Anti-corruption group concerned about lack of cargo screenings

cargo shipment
Trucks filled with cargo shipments in Haiti. Photo credit: Listin Diario

An anti-corruption organization said it is concerned about plans to suspend the screening of cargo shipments.

The group, Together Against Corruption, also said in a public statement that the Ministry of the Economy and Finance must be transparent and explain why screenings are suspended. Earlier in March, the General Administration of Customs (AGD) announced it would no longer screen cargo without a contract. Source

Haitian families living in DR school under construction

Haitians in Dominican Republic with their belongings.

More than 10 Haitian families have been sleeping in a school under construction in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

A Haitian security guard has been letting them sleep inside the school, which has 36 classrooms. Dominican residents denounced the trespassing and said the police once kicked the families out of the school but they returned. 

“The Haitians went back a few days later and no longer want to leave,” Dominican residents told Noticias SIN. Source

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