Latest Kidnapping Crisis Updates

Developments in the ongoing kidnapping crisis in Haiti

The government has issued a temporary ban going into effect Saturday that prohibits the use of vehicles with tinted windows. The move is the latest in government officials’ efforts to stop kidnappings.

Officials didn’t specify how long the ban will last.

Criminals drive vehicles with tinted windows when they kidnap residents, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe said in a press conference on Wednesday announcing the ban.

The police will search all vehicles spotted with tinted windows, Léon Charles, the director of the Haitian National Police, said. 

Residents should call a hotline set up to report such infractions, Jouthe said. The hotline numbers are 011-509-3838-1111 or 011-509-3839-1111 to tell authorities if they see vehicles with tinted windows. Source

Senate defends check made out to ex-senator’s mother

President of the Senate Joseph Lambert (left). Ex-Senator Youri Latortue (right).

Former Senator Youri Latortue received a check from the Haitian government made out to his mother, drawing widespread suspicion from residents and political observers. However, the Senate said in a note on Wednesday, the practice is allowed under Senate rules.

Senators are allowed to receive checks under a designated person’s name from their own offices as long as the check is validated by the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation and that the Ministry of Finance is aware. Source

Ex-Senator says he knows officials behind kidnappings

Ex-Senator Moïse Jean-Charles on the “Haiti What’s Cooking” show. Robenson Geffrad’s Twitter Images

Former Senator Moïse Jean-Charles said the government, other politicians and business people are behind the kidnapping crisis. But, he said  during a TV show interview Tuesday that he preferred not to give specific names.

“I will not say names because that will cause controversy. I know most of them,” Jean-Charles said. “If there was a real government, a government that’s not biased, I would’ve testified. I would’ve given names. Other people would’ve testified too.” Source

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