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NYC Haitian Restaurants to Check Out

By Elizabeth Hazard and Rachel Cassagnol

Indoor dining in New York City is set to reopen over the weekend — just in time for Valentine’s Day, and a few Haitian restaurants are opening their doors.

If you’re among the multitude of people who haven’t set foot inside a restaurant or lounge since this time last year and you’re in the mood for a tasty Haitian meal that someone else cooked, get ready to make reservations. Indoor dining is still at limited capacity, so before you head out, check out the websites or call for their social distance rules to make sure you’ll be served.

Most restaurants do not yet offer eat-in options, but they do offer delivery and pickup. They are worth checking out too -- if only for the buzz they have generated -- and to have on your list whenever they do fully open again.

Bon appétit!

Sample fare at Zanmi Restaurant.

New York City

Creole Fusion Haitian-American Cuisine in Queens Village gets nothing but rave reviews. The Creole fusion signature dishes the restaurant serves up include a variety of stews, conch, oxtail, several fish dishes and more. One customer compared the food to his mother's home cooking, so that's a good endorsement. The restaurant is not open yet for indoor dining, but they are open for take-out orders. 

Grandchamps is so popular it has two locations: One in Bed-Stuy and one in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The restaurant focuses on hiring local employees, many of whom are young and black and have been harassed by the police. The New York Times has featured its owners and their commitment to employees through racial injustice. 

Kaché in South Brooklyn closed its doors like everyone else when the pandemic hit. It has since reopened since last fall -- mainly for private family or workplace gatherings to accommodate social distancing safety concerns. Besides the traditional Haitian fare on the menu, Kaché also offers a bar and table service. Kaché is open for indoor dining, no reservations needed.

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Feb. 12, 2021