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Haiti sees third “president” in three days

A protester holding a poster of Joseph Jean-Louis, an ex-judge the opposition chose to become president. Photo via Diario Chiapas Hoy

Since scores of residents believe that President Jovenel Moïse’s term ended Sunday but he’s unwilling to leave office, they’ve been choosing officials to replace him themselves. Moïse’s two unofficial successors so far are Joseph Jean-Louis and Carl-Heins Charles.

The opposition chose Jean-Louis on Monday in Port-au-Prince. Jean-Louis is a former Supreme Court judge. 

Charles, an attorney, was also unofficially inaugurated as president in Cap-Haitien. His supporters said he will turn the Sans-Souci Palace into the new seat of the government, according to The Nation.  Source

U.S. to look at last decree Moïse issued

The United States Embassy wrote in a statement on Tuesday that they will examine the last decree President Jovenel Moïse issued. In that decree Moïse removed three Supreme Court judges: Joseph Jean-Louis, Wendell Thelot and Ivickel Dabresil.

“The Executive Order is now being widely scrutinized to determine whether it conforms to Haiti Constitutions and laws,” the statement reads.

Senate President still wants to hold Big Dialogue

Joseph Lambert
Haiti’s Senate President Joseph Lambert.

Joseph Lambert, the president of the senate, said he still wants to hold a Big National Dialogue in a public note on Tuesday. Officials said they were unavailable to attend the last dialogue Lambert had scheduled for Feb. 3 and Feb. 4. 

Haiti is going through its worst political crisis since 1986, experts said. Lambert said on various occasions that a group conversation is able to fix it. Source

Onz Chery

Onz Chery

A City College of New York graduate, Onz Chery covers politics, health, crime and other topics for The Haitian Times. He previously wrote for Elite Sports New York and the Cosmopolitan Soccer League. Chery can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on twitter @onz_11.
Onz Chery
Feb. 10, 2021

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