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Group Offered $500K Bribe to “Take Care” of Moïse, Ambassador Says

By Onz Chery

23 arrested for coup

The 23 people who allegedly attempted to overthrow Jovenel Moïse sitting and lying down behind a sum of cash and weapons.

After months of demonstrations, demands and dealings to oust President Jovenel Moïse from office, an actual threat emerged in the wee hours of February 7.

Police Inspector Marie Louise Gauthier contacted National Palace Security Chief Dimitri Hérard via phone. She offered him about $470,000 to help her opposition groups force Moïse from office.

Such is the account told to The Haitian Times by Bocchit Edmond, Haiti’s new ambassador to the U.S., in an exclusive interview, of the alleged coup attempt last weekend. Edmond said he heard recordings laying out the would-be bribery.

“They even offered 35 million gourdes to the commander so he could bring President Moïse to them,” Edmond said. “They said they had people already there waiting to take care of him.”


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Feb. 09, 2021