When the transfer window shuts in Europe’s top leagues

It’s here. It’s transfer deadline day. The clock is ticking for teams looking to make one last splash to get them through to the summer.

Clubs across Europe are all working to find that last missing piece of the puzzle, but different leagues will see their windows shut at different times, and tracking who can still dip their toe into the water can get a little tough.

The Premier League will give teams plenty of time to get their deals done, keeping the window open until 23:00 (GMT).

Things usually drag on well into the night in England. If they reach an agreement to sign a player, teams can submit a deal sheet to the Premier League to give them a short extension to get the paperwork signed.

Liverpool are scrambling to sign two centre-backs and Manchester United are hopeful of offloading some more of their fringe players, so there’s definitely plenty to keep you entertained until the window closes.

Here’s a breakdown of the deadlines (GMT) each major league is working to.

Teams in Spain will get every last second of their day to get deals done. La Liga sides will get until one minute before midnight to finalise their business, which in GMT, will see their window close at 22:59.
That doesn’t mean the signings will stop tonight, however. Barcelona might get an injury in a few weeks and decide they need an emergency window to poach a struggling team’s best player to stay afloat. Hi, Martin Braithwaite. Continue reading

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Feb. 01, 2021

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