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A man holds a weapon next to burning barricades during anti-government protests
protests haiti, anti-government
A man holds a weapon next to burning barricades during anti-government protests. File photo.

The Haitian media, economic scholars, political activists, and the most average Haitians have been predicting that Haitian politics are leading Haitians toward hell. Well, as my grandma says, “the dream has been erased” because these past ten years did nothing but facilitated the country’s descent into hell. 

Haitians live with Lucifer, but worse of it is, they do nothing to deserve such a judgment. The government’s unconstitutional demeanors and the toxic behaviors it tolerates shape the country. The perception that kidnappers are above the law and that the victims are terrorists constructs the people’s mistrust and disrespect in the government. 

The government’s unwillingness to stand up against corruption and insecurity increases the popular regression and weakens the relationships and the social configurations that the country needs to build its resiliency and bolster its public actions. Its lack of concrete measures to establish a public policy agenda to solve social phenomena is detrimental to social-economic development. It negatively affects the Haitian way of life. Haitians’ hope in the future is doomed, gloomed, and is only a day away from extinction.

The government often blames the opposition and the oligarchy for its failure to achieve social justice and restore the rule of law. It refuses to take responsibility for the political chaos that endangers the country’s sovereignty and jeopardizes human lives. Nothing kills Haitians more than seeing their president turn a blind eye to social inequalities and political disorder. 

Considering the lousy governance, flagrant human rights violations, illegal enrichment of a handful of politicians and gangs affiliated or backed by the government, Haiti is a criminal enterprise where criminals Facebook live their killings and victims testify to the media of the goodness of their predators. 

The most impoverished victims pay for their release while the wealthiest, close to the government, do not? The general population’s purchasing power is plummeting while they self-confine in their homes to avoid being the next statistics. They do not need to clinically die to know that their government puts them in hell without the hope of escaping out of this hole.

Haitians are in hell. However, it is not the end of a mandate, the holding of new elections, creating an intelligence agency, or a constitutional amendment that will get them out of these fires.

Instead, it is the reconsideration of this entire political system that allows anyone to access any authority position with uncontrolled and unlimited powers that will give them the strength to take to the streets to denounce arbitrariness. It is the reshuffling of these political traditions, which entitle the government to derogate from all the fundamental principles of democracy and social well-being that will make them responsible for detecting government complicity. 

Bobb Rousseau holds a Ph.D. in Administration and Public Policy with specializations in Public Law and Managing Local Government. Dr. Rousseau firmly believes that the Haitian diaspora in the United States is at a prime stage to build an attractive political force that can shift U.S. immigration, diplomacy, and humanitarian aid to Haiti and to advance the Haitian agenda around the world.

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