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200 survivors disabled in earthquake still in shelters

Earthquake shelters from the 2010 earthquake in Delmas, Port-au-Prince. Photo credit: Le Nouvelliste

About 200 disabled survivors from the 2010 earthquake still live at Lapis, a shelter in Delmas, Port-au-Prince, under deplorable conditions, according to Le Nouvelliste.

The disabled survivors moved to the shelters the day after the Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake left them homeless.

Eleven years later, parts of the shelter are covered in blue plastic sheets meant to prevent water from entering the homes when it rains. 

Residents live in subhuman sanitary conditions. About 20 children occasionally run around on the dust in front of the shelters. The disabled are often targets of criminals, and thugs burned down at least 18 homes in the area in May 2020. 

“Nobody thinks of us here. I can not stand it anymore. I don’t live anymore,” said Télémaque Altesse, a one-handed man, with tears rolling down his face. Source

Moïse presents COVID-19 economic recovery plan

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse speaking about the post-coronavirus economic recovery plan on Jan. 11, 2021. Photo credit: Le Nouvelliste

President Jovenel Moïse presented his post-coronavirus economic recovery plan in a speech on Monday.

The 384-page document reportedly covers social housing programs, investments in the textile sector, agriculture, tourism, digital acceleration and other topics.

The recovery is slated to end in 2023. Source

Demonstrators again demand that Moïse leave office Feb. 7

Residents protesting to demand President Jovenel Moïse to leave office on Jan. 11, 2021. Photo credit: Rezo Nodwes

Dozens of residents took to the streets of Port-au-Prince after a rally by the Democratic and Popular Sector to demand that President Jovenel Moïse leave office on Feb. 7.

The demonstrators believe that’s the date Moïse should leave office. Moïse claimed that his term will finish on Feb. 7, 2022. He won the election in 2016 but didn’t start his five-year term until 2017, prompting an argument on when he’s scheduled to leave the National Palace.

The demonstrators burned tires and threw rocks and glass bottles in the streets. No injuries or deaths were reported. Residents will protest again on Friday. Source

Onz Chery

Onz Chery

Onz Chery started his writing career as a City College of New York student with The Campus. He also wrote for First Touch, Cosmopolitan Soccer League, and other local leagues. After graduating, Onz became one of ESNY's sports journalists then joined The Haitian Times.
Onz Chery
Jan. 12, 2021

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