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PHTK -- Parti Haïtien Tèt Kale logo via Wikipedia
Logo of the PHTK – Parti Haïtien Tèt Kale, Haiti’s ruling party

The PHTK regime promotes corruption and insecurity on an enormous scale. Its members do not hide the origin of their wealth and do not reveal their disagreement with the bandits. They enact decrees and push constitutional reforms to control the next elections or guarantee their immunity if they lose their powers at the next elections. 

False truths and pretenses mark the reign of PHTK. Instead of solving the Haitian problem, their public policies vex good sense, provoke the opposition, isolate consensus, damage democracy. They turn the system into selfish governance and the economy into a gallery of unachievable hopes.  

It is not the oligarchy, but the government that, through underhand means, uses its political powers to seize all the wealth of the nation. Moreover, through decrees, constitutional reform, and new institutions, it institutionalizes justice for the criminals and punishes the victims. Granted that constitutional reform does not benefit the government suggesting it, however, it will undoubtedly give this government unchecked immunity to continue demonizing its adversary, antagonizing the press, criminalizing popular mobilization, and muzzling public opinion. 

PHTK’s two mandates are dangerous to the point that they disunite the diaspora and discredit public functions at all levels. The formation of the National Intelligence Agency is commendable since the country needs a secret service. However, its prerogatives, combined with the punishments linked to acts of individual liberties and personal freedoms, are a living testimony to installing a military junta.

This agency may lead to the end of the community mobilization and political engagement of the protesters who only know the of rubbers and the of cars as their most effective form to release their anger against the system of pain, hate, shame, and despair. 

For the past ten years, democracy in Haiti has been an activity of smoke and mirrors. PHTK turns our democracy into a farce by letting the people frequently protest.

However, in reality, they disguise themselves, through their mutism on international interference and their lack of public stand against gangs, as predators to punish the protesters’ actions. They also transform the economy into their stronghold by diverting public funds through programs whose social repercussions are yet to be imagined, let alone achieved.

They create bogus social projects to send the message to the outside world that, over here, everything is going well. However, these projects warrant the qualifier “Tôle-Rouge projects” since they likely do not advance the country toward sustainable socio-economic and political development.  

Indeed, the country needs elections, but elections having credible, free, honest, or democratic epithets as epithets will be nothing but what they promise to be. That is PHTK says loudly and proudly that the results are already known. No matter how or when they are organized, PHTK will win it all.  After God, no one has more powers than the president in Haiti does.

The government thus holds the monopoly of administrative interference and that of nationalization of illegality. Nevertheless, they are not using it against those who control the rule of law in Haiti and unleash their political violence against anyone without fear. The government plunders and exploits its people openly (kleptocracy). It imposes itself as a legislator to trample on fundamental rights while making the people believe all actions it undertakes are people-centric (démocrature).

Bobb Rousseau holds a Ph.D. in Administration and Public Policy with specializations in Public Law and Managing Local Government. Dr. Rousseau firmly believes that the Haitian diaspora in the United States is at a prime stage to build an attractive political force that can shift U.S. immigration, diplomacy, and humanitarian aid to Haiti and to advance the Haitian agenda around the world.

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