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Tips for Staying in a Host Country in Europe for an Exchange Program

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As much as it is adventurous, adjusting to studying abroad can be challenging. Europe is among the places in the world that receive tons of exchange students every year, and the possibility that you will be going for your exchange program is also high. The good news is that adequate information on what to do, where to stay, and other insights about the destination will go a long way in preparing you for your stay there.

Here are must-do things if you are an exchange student in Europe to make your stay both productive and memorable.

1. Spend as Much Time as You Can Outside the House

The biggest favor you can ever do yourself when you go abroad is interacting with the new environment. That is not going to happen if you spend all the time in your house. Spend lots of it outside so that you can learn the way of life of the destination, and so that you can make new friends. Whether you live in Romania, Spain, or Norway, you will never run short of things to do, and you should take advantage of that. 

2. Learn Some Words of the Host Country’s Language

Not every country in Europe speaks English, Spanish, or any other language you may be familiar with. People have different dialects, and if you want an easy stay there, you must learn some words of the language in that country. While you might not have all the time to learn the entire language, a few common words will go a long way in helping you communicate.

Things like saying please, thank you, asking for directions, and salutations will give you a stepping ground to start conversations with the locals. You don’t have to go to class to learn this. You can leverage the local TV programs that are in the host country’s language. This will help you verse yourself with the speech patterns of the host.

You can also read books and papers in the host country’s language, and you will be surprised by how much you will be able to learn. Also, commit yourself to learn at least ten words in a day, and in no time, you will understand most of the words in the host country’s language.

3. Outsource Your Life

While on an exchange program, there will be so much you want to do in Europe, but the time will be limited. Therefore, you want to ensure that your time is well planned so that you get the chance to explore the country. Since you will be having assignments and other academic commitments, you are allowed to get help.

Do not shy away from reaching out to a write my paper for me service to assist you with that assignment that you are expected to submit on short notice. If you don’t have adequate time on you, also feel free to take out instead of cooking. Outsourcing will not only make your life easier, but it will also ensure that you have enough time to do the things you have always wanted to do while in Europe.

4. Try Local Foods

Your exchange or tour experience will never be complete if you don’t sample the local food. While some food might appear gross, do not just dismiss it, you might be surprised by what it will do to your taste buds. Go to the market and buy the food being sold by the vendors; it doesn’t have to be something expensive from a 5-star restaurant. 

If you can, attend all the culinary lessons you can to take the new culinary experience back to your home country and maybe share with your family and friends. 

5. Do Exercise

Just because you are in a foreign country does not mean that you have to stop doing the things you enjoyed doing back at home. While packing for the exchange program, pack your jogging sneakers or yoga clothing. Exercise will ensure that you stay in shape even when you are away. It is also a great way of dealing with homesickness. Homesickness comes about when you cannot do the things that you used to do back at home.

You exercise, and feel-good hormones such as dopamine are released, making you calm and relaxed. Exercise will help you enjoy your stay even more and boost your confidence.

6. Visit the Different Tourist Destinations

It is time to visit all the destinations you have seen in the travel magazines and articles. The good thing is that Europe is rich in culture, nature, architecture, and everything else that someone would be looking for in a tourist destination. Visit the market streets, take walks, or go for a picnic at that country’s popular botanical gardens. 

You can visit museums, go skydiving, cycle, go kayaking, and even partying, depending on the activities that the country you are visiting offers.

Take Away

Remember that the idea or goal behind the visit is experiencing a different way of life. Therefore, do not spend all your time being homesick or sleeping indoors. To make sure that you make the best out of the exchange tour, you can create an itinerary, including everything you need to do during your visit. This will help you manage your time well and get a wholesome and fulfilling experience.

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