For a long while now, Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, has threatened to play his goalkeeper, Ederson, in midfield during a Premier League game. The Spaniard often says with a wry smile that the 27-year-old is good enough to play outfield, but despite Guardiola’s confidence in his goalkeeper’s ability, Premier League supporters are yet to be treated to the sight of the Brazilian bossing the midfield.

Although, having said that, we did get a taste of what to possibly expect if it ever did happen after the events that played out during a Premier League game between Manchester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers in January 2019. With City leading three-nil and Ederson having very little to do all afternoon, it seemed that the monotony of standing between the sticks untroubled finally got to Ederson.

Ederson’s Light-Bulb Idea

Adama Traoré was closing in on the City goal before Ederson did what he does so well, intercepting the ball before the winger could get there. However, not content with merely having cleared the danger, the goalkeeper proceeded to carry on his mosey in the outfield by tackling Morgan Gibbs-White, before sharing three passes with İlkay Gündoğan and Fernandinho. Incredibly, this all played out whilst the City goal stood unprotected 50 yards away. Eventually, the 27-year-old began a very relaxed jog back to the goal as Guardiola looked on mystified. Continue reading

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