Police officers near Hotel Niche after three residents died and four left unconscious after breathing carbon monoxide. Photo credit: Le Nouvelliste

Three dead from carbon monoxide incident at hotel, four treated

Police officers near Hotel Niche after three residents died and four left unconscious from breathing carbon monoxide. Photo credit: Le Nouvelliste

Carbon monoxide appears to have caused the deaths of three people inside Hotel Niche in Port-au-Prince last weekend, officials said. 

Four others who were left unconscious have recovered after receiving treatment at Citymed Sage Hospital, said Dr. Charles Patrique Almazor, the hospital’s co-executive director. 

Initially, three people were reported dead from a mysterious fainting cause, according to Juno7, leaving many puzzled. After CityMed staff members investigated the scene, they concluded that carbon monoxide had spread from either the electricity generator inside the property or a car that was running in the garage. Hotel guests and workers then unknowingly breathed in the poisonous, odorless gas.

Dr. Almazor advised residents not to stay in an empty room with an electricity generator running or any other motors. He also said not to place such equipment close to a neighbor’s house, since the gas might travel into their property.

Pope Francis to visit Haiti 

Pope Francis during a visit to South Korea in 2014. Photo credit: Korean Culture and Information Service

Pope Francis will visit Haiti soon, President Jovenel Moïse said in a press conference at the diplomatic lounge at Toussaint Louverture International Airport on Sunday. Moïse did not specify which date to expect the Pontiff.

“You have to know what it means to go and meet the Pope. He’s no ordinary character like all of us. However, I discovered that Pope Francis knows all the miseries and pains the world is going through,” Moïse said.

The last pope who visited Haiti was Jean Paul II in March 1983. Source

Dorval court case delayed due to insecurity 

Monferrier Dorval, a former head of bar of Port-au-Prince, was assassinated in his home Aug. 28, 2020.

Residents who were scheduled to be questioned in December about Monferrier Dorval’s murder have not reported to the Court of First Instance in Port-au-Prince due to insecurity. 

Dorval, the former head of the Port-au-Prince bar, was assassinated in his home last August. Four suspects have already been arrested, but investigators are still building a court case.

In recent months, scores of people have been kidnapped on a regular basis and 163 residents were shot dead between July and September alone — causing scared residents to stay close to home. Renord Régis, the judge responsible for the ongoing interrogations, has asked for an extension in the timing to complete the investigation. Source

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