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Online Slots That Are Easy To Play

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Slots have always been easy to play and this is part of their appeal. Admittedly, as time passes, slots are starting to become a little more complex and Megaways slots illustrate this perfectly. The very first slots relied on levers to trigger each spin and all you had to do was match symbols on the reels to win – play slots free online at Thor. Each symbol had differing monetary values attached to them and the most valuable symbols were the most sought after. 

Fast forward to the presents and these basics remain the same, although levers on slots were resigned to history a long time ago. Despite the fundamentals of slot games remaining the same throughout history, much has changed to bring us to where we now find ourselves in the slots world.  It was the digital revolution of the 1990s that created the platforms that we now gamble on. The creation of the internet made slots even easier to play because you didn’t even have to leave your house to access them. All you needed was a computer and a reliable internet signal. This is also the case today, but slots can be played on the go too, thanks to the invention of mobile gaming. Despite technology getting more sophisticated, playing and accessing slots has become easier than ever. 

The Simplest Slots On The Market 

Retro slots tend to be the easiest of all slots to play and this is down to them keeping things simple. This is because retro slots are based on the earliest slots games that only had 3-reels. The symbols are basic too and mostly consist of fruits. Anyone accustomed to playing digital slots may find retro games like Play’n Go’s Fire Joker, a step backwards in slots development. However, if you like simple slots with few features then these retro games are a godsend. Fire Joker is a no thrills slot with 3-reels and 5 paylines but it does have a modern addition and that is the Joker symbol and multipliers. 

Other Easy Slots To Try 

Starburst from NetEnt is about as easy as slots can possible get. The game has no special features or bonus rounds and no jackpots to aim for, yet it has become a classic ever since it was released back in 2012. It is played out on 5-reels and has 10 fixed paylines. Starburst is strange because it manages to be both futuristic and retro at the same time. The sounds are reminiscent of 80s arcade games but the graphics give it a modern touch. The symbols on Starburst are highly unusual as they consist of mainly jewels with 7’s and bars thrown in for good measure. The Starburst symbol itself is the only special feature on the reels. It turns entire reels into wilds and triggers a free respin feature. 

Final Thoughts 

Easy slots to play can seem a bit primitive to those who like to play feature packed slots. However, if you are just starting out, then the easiest games are probably a good starting point.

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