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2020 was not a good year for esports events and tournaments: due to COVID19, almost every event was canceled or postponed. But unlike other industries, esports has been able to adapt to this new situation and hosted most events online. As we approach the end of 2020, this situation continues. There is not much time left before this year ends, but many exciting events will be held in the last 2 months. Below, we list the esports leagues and tournaments you can participate (or watch) in November and December. Don’t forget to note Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events for cs go betting vulkan bet!

November 2020 Events

Some events will start in November, and some events that have already started will end this month. Keep in mind that esports, like other sports, has seasons that run throughout the year. These seasons finish at the end of the year, which usually takes place in November. Likewise, the winter seasons of the esports mostly start in November too. Below you can see a list of tournaments and events that will finish and begin this month.

CBCS The Revenge

CBCS is short for “Campeonato Brasileiro de Counter Strike”. So as can be guessed, it is a CSGO tournament held in Brazil. The Revenge represents the finals of the tournament, and the grand prize is set at $6,000. Although not a globally important event, CBCS champions are often competing in the European, Asian, and American leagues within a short span of time. So if you are wondering which new teams will become popular in CSGO in the near future, you can follow CBCS. The tournament will be held online and will start on November 14th.

DH SC2 Master Winter Finals

DH stands for Dreamhack, and SC2 stands for Starcraft 2. DH SC2 actually started months ago, but the finals will be held in November, and the tournament will end on 15 November. The tournament has 57,000 USD in its prize pool. Part of the ESL Pro Tour, this organization is one of the oldest events to bring worldwide recognition to many popular esports teams. Teams from South Korea, America, and Europe will meet in the finals.

Elgiganten Ligaen Season 15

Elgiganten Ligaen is held in Denmark and is considered one of the biggest events in Europe for Counter Strike Global Offensive. Season 15, which started in August, will conclude on November 16. The Grand prize is 42,000 KR and double round-robin format is used. Six teams will compete in the finals and “Copenhagen Flames” and “AGF Esport” are shown as the favorite clans. The tournament will be held online and broadcast live on Twitch.

2020 ESL Meisterschaft Autumn

ESL Meisterschaft is an annual tournament held in Germany for Counter Strike Global Offensive, and the Autumn season started in September 2020. This season will end on November 17, and the grand prize of 40,000 EUR will be shared among the top three teams. The organization, in which a total of 12 teams compete, is organized online and can be followed on both Twitch and Facebook. “BIG” and “eSport Rhein-Neckar” are the two teams that are expected to make it to the finals, but “ALTERNATE aTTaX” and “No Limit Gaming” could come as a surprise. The team that wins the tournament will receive a prize of 15,000 EUR. 

December 2020 Events

December is the month in which esports activities traditionally end rather than begin. This situation does not change for December 2020: This month, we will witness the finals of the organizations that started in the Summer and Autumn months of 2020. Below is a list of the most important of these.

ESEA Premier Season

ESEA started its 35th season in August and was continuing in three different leagues: North America, Australia, and Europe. 18 teams are competing in each league. The teams that will participate in the ESL Pro League are determined according to the results of this event. In other words, we will figure out which teams will be competing in ESL Pro 2021 in December. All these different leagues will end on December 5th and 6th. There are many successful teams competing in the season, but favorites include “Endpoint”, “FATE”, “forZe”, and “Nexus Gaming”. We can say that this is the most important organization at the end of 2020. The big prize is 30,000 USD, and each match will be streamed live.

Epic League Division 1

No, this tournament has nothing to do with Epic Games: Epic League is organized by a Russia-based company of the same name and has been running since 2013. This organization, in which Europe and CIS countries participate, is one of the largest DOTA 2 tournaments and has 500,000 USD in the prize pool. Division 1 will conclude on December 13th. You can watch the online tournament live on VK and Twitch. The favorite team of the tournament is “Team Liquid” as always, but “Team Secret” and “Natus Vincere” may come as a surprise.

2020 Smash World Tour

Esports games are not just about real-time strategies and FPS: They are also made for fighting games like Super Smash Brothers Melee. The first international tournament for this game started in February 2020 and will end on December 21st. The prize pool of the tournament, which is held entirely online, has 250,000 USD in it, so in 2021 we can see professional esports teams also starting to play Super Smash Brothers. The tournament is not organized by Nintendo and has been created entirely as a result of an effort from fans. However, since brands such as Twitch and are among its sponsors, the amount of reward is quite large. As can be guessed, you can watch the finals live on Twitch.Cheers,

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