Bank consultant calls on Moise to reduce government officials’ salaries

Economist Eddy Labossière, a Bank of Republic of Haiti (BRH) consultant and head of the Haitian Association of Economists (AHE), speaks about finance on Oct. 7 at Centre de Convention et de Documentation Antonio André in Port-au-Prince. Photo credit: BRH

Eddy Labossiere, a consultant with the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, challenged President Jovenel Moise to decrease the salaries of government officials.

Labossiere said the government officials he was referring to were the president, the prime minister, the deputies and the senators. 

He posted on Twitter Monday, saying: “Twenty billion gourdes (about $300 million) would be saved to revive national production. Only true patriots will be interested in these posts.”

Central bank governor gives reasons for currency depreciation

Jean Baden Dubois, governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, speaking at a press conference on Dec. 14, 2020. Photo credit: Bank Republic of Haiti

Jean Baden Dubois, governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, announced Monday the central bank has injected $150 million into the market in an attempt to stabilize the gourde

The gourde has been depreciating since November, with one American dollar now equal to 71 gourdes. 

Dubois also listed five reasons the gourde is depreciating again. He cited the large number of dollars in circulation, the government’s balance of payments or budget deficit, illegal transactions in the exchange market, and socio-political turmoil. Source

PaP residents say police murdered children, broke homes

Haitian National Police officers in the back of a vehicle.

Residents of Village de Dieu, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, took to the streets to condemn police officers they said killed children and destroyed several homes on Monday, according to Passion Info Plus.

“Leon Charles [the police force’s leader] broke poor people’s homes, put people in the streets,” a resident said. “My wife is outside with all the children and their stuff.” 

Passion Info Plus’ video shows homes broken down in several pieces. Residents shouted that there are children who died inside the homes.

The Haitian National Police posted on Facebook that police officers went to Village de Dieu to confront bandits. They also went to the neighborhood Dec. 4.  

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