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Present Scenario Of Gaming Industry In Haiti

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Haiti shares the biggest Island of the Caribbean with the Dominican Republic. The Haiti Revolution marked the end of slavery for the country, and they got back in the 1800s. Although Haiti is an under-developed country, America has been providing education and other amenities to raise the people’s standard here. Despite natural disasters and other governmental regulations, the Haitians are lovers of games. You can find many people playing traditional and modern games simultaneously. 

An Eye for Games Among Haitians

The evenings are for fun and joy for the Haitians, so they indulge in different games. You can see them playing lotteries, traditional games like Mortal Combat, board games, and much more. Haitians try luck on various casino like the casino UK, which let them try their hands on the online blackjack, virtual sports games, live casinos, and many more related games. However, in a few parts of the country, people are allowed to play online gambling games.

It shows how the current gaming industry is taking a leap in the country and changing drastically. Let us give you more insight into Haiti’s gaming industry.

Current Gaming Situation In Haiti

  • Boost to Traditional Games: To experience good times in this island country, now the adults are teaching the age-old games right from the card games to dominoes that were once played. Also, it offers the gaming clubs, and parlors are now paying money to play these few traditional games.
  • Tourists Attraction Spot: However, the legalization of some gambling games and other online video games made Haiti an attraction for tourists. Like, the famous El Rancho Hotel & Casino and the Four Aces in Port-au-Prince are the casino hotels with the best amenities and modern gaming systems. Even you can find video lottery terminals at both hotels that are legalized to offer gambling and other forms of games to the Haitian people and the tourists.
  • Earnings: Present-day Haiti also prefer virtual sports like soccer and other poker games. These do not bring money for the players, but the gaming establishments are also earning a significant amount with the tourists’ influx.
  • Influence of Lottery Games: But, you can still find the country’s adults mainly with lottery games and cockfighting. The small private lottery game mostly played at the village level is known as ‘Borlette.’ The Haitians who are well-versed with the internet and online gaming industry and websites providing these games are increasing. Even the news of a retail partnership between the live dealer gaming provider BetGames.TV and popular Haitian lottery operator Chez Toto has already been in the media. This partnership will help Chez Toto provide their three important titles, Lucky 6, Dice Duel, and Wheel of Fortune, to almost 500 sites.
  • Expenditure on Gaming: Haitians love playing online games to introduce the country’s internet and mobile devices. Even the Haitians spend nearly $2 billion yearly on the local lottery games. The card games and dominoes are played for fun and not for money.

Haiti is reviving its old traditional games. On the other hand, it is also having modern gaming parlors, clubs, and resorts to bet big and earn big. The tourists may find these few gaming resorts to be Haiti’s main attraction, as the authorities license them. It has not increased the expenditure on various types of games, but the gaming industry, especially the lottery sector, is booming.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Dec. 14, 2020

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