Four players that are likely to leave Barcelona to finance new signings

The main theme for the last couple of months over in the Catalan capital has been money, or rather, the lack thereof. Barcelona are in the red due to multiple bad decisions in the market and horrible investments that ended up backfiring.

As a direct result of that, the squad is very thin and lacks depth and quality in certain areas, prompting Ronald Koeman to dip his toes into the market to look for solutions. According to Mundo Deportivo, however, this will be easier said than done because the Azulgranas will first have to sell if they are to buy anyone in 2021.

The same source suggested there are four players on the club’s chopping list who might be sacrificed to finance the arrival of potential new signings such as Eric García.

Júnior Firpo

The young left-back certainly has little chance of surviving the upcoming winter transfer window, let alone lasting at the club for much longer than that. Even though he was hailed as a big talent who could potentially replace Jordi Alba further down the line, he turned into a shadow of his former self upon arrival to the Camp Nou. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
Dec. 02, 2020

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