Guyler Delva, a prominent journalist in Haiti, speaking at an event.

Guyler Delva, prominent Haitian journalist, gone missing

Matin Caraïbes’ co-host Guyler C. Delva. Photo credit: Haiti Press Network

Guyler C. Delva, a prominent Haiti-based journalist, went missing Sunday night, according to news site TripFoumi Enfo.

Delva has worked for national and international media for decades, and was Haiti’s Minister of Culture and Communication in 2018. Most recently, he worked as head of SOS Journalists, an organization that defends the freedom of press, and co-host of radio show Matin Caraïbes.

Haiti is going through a kidnapping crisis that has resulted in several high-profile captures. It is now known whether Delva is the latest victim as no one had called to ask for a ransom. Source

Hotels reject disgraced ex-president of Haitian football

Haiti’s former soccer president Yves “Dadou” Jean-Bart. Photo credit: Haiti-Tempo

Yves “Dadou” Jean-Bart, the former Haiti soccer president banned from the sport for sexually abusing players, is apparently persona non grata at Port-au-Prince hotels. 

Jean-Bart recently tried to reserve a conference room at several Port-au-Prince hotels, but they all denied his request, according to Haiti Standard. He is no longer allowed to stay or attend events at those hotels either.

Last month, FIFA banned Jean-Bart from soccer for life after finding him guilty of sexually abusing several players, including minors. Source

Elections officials say calendar is in the works

The nine members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) posing for a picture President Jovenel Moise and Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe (middle).

Two days after being criticized for the slow pace of preparations, Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) said it is preparing a tentative electoral calendar. 

Meanwhile, several political groups wrote in a statement Thursday that it is not an appropriate time to hold elections. Haiti is experiencing a turbulent period filled with gang violence, massacres and daily news of kidnappings. 

At least three residents are under bandits’ custody in Port-au-Prince. Elsewhere last week, thugs attempted to take control over Carrefour, a suburb 10 miles from Port-au-Prince, but the police drove them out by exchanging gunshots with them. Source

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