A small market in Port-au-Prince. Photo credit: Georges H. Rouzier

Residents decry jump in price for food and building materials

A small market in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo credit: Georges H. Rouzier

The prices of some food products and construction materials have increased in the last week, according to a Le Nouvelliste report. 

A bag of rice went from 1,500 gourdes to 1,800 gourdes, about $220 to $270, respectively. 

“We can’t eat. Food prices can’t go up anymore. We are asking the state to say a word for the poor people who cannot get food to eat,” one resident said.

Also, the cost of construction metals increased, going from 32,500 gourdes per ton, about $500, to 44,500 gourdes, or $670. The price of a cement bag also went up from 425 to 550 gourdes, about $7 to $8.

The change in prices is likely due to the government’s efforts at stabilizing the Haitian gourde. Source

Switzerland backs 25 agricultural projects in Haiti

A woman picking plants in a plantation in Haiti. Photo credit: Georges H. Rouzier

Switzerland has agreed to finance 25 agricultural projects in Haiti through a funding effort titled Booster PME. 

“It makes no sense that all products consumed or used by Haitians are imported,” said Jean Baden Dubois, governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti.

The Booster PME agreement was signed in December 2019, but the funds were disbursed only in recent weeks after the proposed projects received approval. Source

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