Jimmy Telson, a teenager shot dead on Nov. 17, 2020, posing for a picture in his school uniform.

Teen shot dead, grieving father doesn’t expect justice

Jimmy Telson, a teenager shot dead on Nov. 17, 2020, posing for a picture in his school uniform.

Teenager Jimmy Telson was shot in the head as he rode in the backseat of a vehicle on Tuesday near Carrefour, Port-au-Prince. The 17-year-old later died at Notre-Dame Hospital. 

His father Daniel Telson said he doesn’t know why his son was killed. At first, reports said the shooting was part of a kidnapping attempt. However, Telson said, based on the car’s driver and a relative who witnessed the shooting, the kidnapping rumor is false.

As he grieves, Telson has little hope of the Haitian police catching his son’s killer. 

“I cannot speak of justice,” Telson said on Radio Magik 9 on Thursday. “Justice? I don’t repeat these words in Haiti.”

At least five persons were reported murdered in the past month, including Evelyne Sincere. The oldest victim was 23 and youngest 14, according to media reports. Police have reported the arrest only of Sincére’s killers. Source

Thieves target evidence at Port-au-Prince courthouse for loot

Outside shot of Port-au-Prince’s courthouse.

At least 23 thefts or attempted thefts took place at the Port-au-Prince courthouse since March 2018, according to reports by the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights.

Bandits have mainly taken cash and objects that were confiscated and being held as evidence In judicial proceedings. 

In one theft last month, the thieves made off with Monferrier Dorval’s bag, other evidence, and cash. Dorval, a former head of bar of Port-au-Prince, was murdered in his home on Aug. 28. Source

Barbancourt to stock more shelves in US, Europe, Latin America

Delphine Gardere, Barbancourt’s company director, speaking at a press conference on November 19, 2020. Photo credit: Juno7

Barbancourt has finalized distribution contracts with partners in different cities in the United States. The rum company is also negotiating with partners in Europe and Latin America, company director Delphine Gardere said Thursday.

“The outlook is spread over a five-year plan with new strategic partners, more particularly internationally where we have negotiations that have already been finalized [in U.S. cities],” Gardere said. “We are also negotiating with partners from Europe and Latin America.”

Gardere recently announced she now owns 100 percent of Barbancourt, following a bitter fight with relatives for control that lasted years. Source

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