“The idea is not very serious” UEFA president comments on the potential of an European Super League.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the financial pockets of all clubs around football. Even the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Liverpool FC face a loss of revenue, whether it’s from not having supporters in the stands or having to rework deals with their sponsors because of the pandemic. 

One way that some of these clubs can recoup some of the money that they’re losing is by coming up with an idea that will generate revenue, which is why there’s talk of a potential European Super League. 

With the competition featuring the biggest clubs on the continent, there’s no denying that it will bring a significant amount of money from television rights. However, UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin, stated in an interview with Marca Sport Weekend, that it’s a dream that will never become a reality. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
Nov. 18, 2020

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