The future of Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid is up in the air and it appears to be increasingly difficult for Los Blancos and the club captain to reach an agreement on a new deal. Ramos’ current contract expires on June 30 and as of January 1 he will be able to negotiate freely with other clubs. But the desire shared by head coach Zinedine Zidane and the Madrid fans themselves demonstrates that a renewal is the common objective for club stakeholders.

The problem is, according to sources close to the player, that Madrid are not willing to offer him more than one year after his current deal expires in 2021. Madrid’s over 30 policy only offers new one-year deals to players over the age of 30, however, an exception was made in Cristiano Ronaldo’s last contract renewal, signed when the Portuguese striker was 31, and extending his contract at the time for three more seasons. However, several Madrid players of the past left the club as a result of this – in 2017 Pepe did not renew and ended up going to Porto. Continue reading

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