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While there is very little coverage surrounding the news, there has been a consistent rise in the number of protests across Haiti over the murder of a student in the country. While the world is busy looking through no deposit bingo sites, Haitian citizens have come out on the roads to seek justice for the victim.

Hundreds of protestors, the majority of them dressed in school uniforms have come out to the street to protest against the murder. The kidnapping and murder of the young student ignited rage amidst the citizens in the country.

The deceased, Evelyne Sincere’s body was found on top of a trash heap following her relative’s failure to pay the ransom that the kidnappers demanded from the family.

One of the protestors, Katy Jean-Joseph, who is 19-years old, said during a march that she is worried about what happened to Evelyne. She said that what happened with her today could very well happen to her the next day.

Haiti has been consistently rocked by the street protestors against President Jovenel Moise who has been consistently accused of mismanagement of funds and a failed economy. 

With the lack of management in the country, the United Nations, and varying rights groups in Haiti have warned the political leaders about the rise in such violent crimes. The UN envoy for Haiti even clarified a grim picture of the nation’s condition suggesting the constant struggle that they are enduring on the precipice of instability.

“Gangs continue to challenge the authority of the state, especially in the more populous neighbourhoods of Port-au-Prince,” the reports further clarified.

Protesting against the kidnap and murder of Evelyne, over 2000 protestors gathered around a kidnapping hotspot in the country and then marched towards the Ministry of Justice from there. The majority of the protestors even carried Evelyne’s photo in their hands during the march.

With the growing strength of the crowd, it became extremely tough to break them apart. The protests were only broken after the police sprayed the protestors with tear gas.

One of the protestors, Nerley Charles said that their only need from this country is safe. They want to live in a country that doesn’t make them fear their own life and existence. They don’t want to wake up the next morning fearing things and the crimes that are reported in the news.

The protestors emphasised the need for a strict judicial system that provides the right justice to the victims.

The police are being shady about the case and have not disclosed any kind of information concerning the crime. The local justice reported to a local newspaper that she had been beaten to death. Evelyne’s sister, who was found wailing after retrieving her sister’s dead body said that the kidnappers demanded $100,000 in terms of ransom.

Evelyne’s sister said that they begged the kidnappers for some time and to keep her sister safe till they could arrange the money.

With the raging need for justice, several of the high profile radio hosts also canceled their shows to protest against the crime that Evelyne endured.

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