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Police find decapitated, dismembered body of young woman

Anise Boisrond was found dead decapitated and dismembered on Nov. 10, 2020 in Torbeck, Haiti.

Police found the dismembered body of a woman in Torbeck, a town in the Southern Department on Tuesday. The head, feet and heart had been removed.

They later identified the woman as Anise Boisrond, 22. She was kidnapped on Nov. 1 after leaving a Vodou ceremony, police said. They are now searching for suspect Jaccise ‘Enel’ Louis. 

Ten days prior, Evelyne Sincere, a 22-year-old high schooler, was found dead at a dumpsite in Port-au-Prince after getting kidnapped. Source

Onz Chery

Onz Chery

A City College of New York graduate, Onz Chery covers politics, health, crime and other topics for The Haitian Times. He previously wrote for Elite Sports New York and the Cosmopolitan Soccer League. Chery can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on twitter @onz_11.
Onz Chery
Nov. 12, 2020

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