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Countries where the casino industry is on the rise

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Humans have always loved to engage in gambling games, however there wasn’t really a legitimate gambling industry to speak of until the Venetians established the world’s first regulated and fully legal casino in the 1600s. For so long gambling had been seen as somewhat of a dark art, and something that was also way too easy to be infiltrated by the dark criminal underbelly of society. Whilst gambling has historically always been a bit of a hot spot for criminal activity, this is paradoxically mainly because of the state’s reluctance to get involved. Nowadays there are far more regulations, and this has helped stamp out organised gambling crime and allowed for various new casino industries to really prosper. In the 21st century there are a fair few countries who are experiencing big casino industry booms, keep reading for some countries where the casino industry is on the rise.


Slot machines and online slots are very well loved throughout the world, however if there is one place where these infectious gambling games are loved more than anywhere else it is Australia. Seriously, they absolutely love spinning the reels down under, and Australia actually have the highest gambling spend on online slots per capita than anywhere else in the world. Like with many other places, the main reason for this casino industry boom is because of the emergence of online casino. This is especially true in such a large and sparsely populated country as Australia. Many people wouldn’t have lived close enough to a brick and mortar casino to ever really visit, however nowadays they can just do their gambling online.


Ireland is famous for having a huge amount of influence on the slots world, mainly through “luck of the Irish” themed titles such as the massively influential Rainbow Riches series, with the iconic leprechauns, pots of gold and clovers providing slot gamblers with the perfect backdrop to their gambling sessions. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Irish online casino industry is going from strength to strength in the 21st century. Ireland’s gambling laws are quite archaic and strict, something that has historically been a bit of a pain to its inhabitants, however the laws don’t actually cover the online casino sphere. As a result Ireland’s population is free to gamble as much as they want on online casino sites – result!


Anybody with a little bit of knowledge about the modern online slots industry will know that some of the best online slot developers in the world hail from Scandinavia, so it shouldn’t be particularly surprising to learn that countries like Finland are home to some of the fastest growing casino industries in the world. Finland is probably the best example of this – they just love to gamble! To put things into perspective, the legal gambling age was only 15 up until very recently. In fact, gambling analysts predict that almost 40% of Finland’s entire population love to gamble quite regularly, it’s crazy!

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