Soccer legend Diego Maradona was hospitalized in La Plata, Argentina, for precautionary reasons.

“My idea is to have him at least three days to check on him and keep him under control,” Dr. Leopoldo Luque said to ESPN F90 in Argentina. “Maradona is psychologically ill and that can affect your physical health.”

Luque also clarified this is “not an emergency situation,” explaining that Maradona “needed to stay hydrated, get some blood tests and studies.”

A lawyer representing the 1986 World Cup winner said in October he had tested negative for COVID-19 after having had close contact with somebody who had the coronavirus. Rather than COVID-19-related fears, his recent hospitalization was more for his mental health.

“Diego is a person who is sometimes excellent and sometimes not so much,” Luque said, per Reuters. “He could be 10,000 times better. And bringing him here helps him.” Continue reading

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