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A Professional gamer is described as someone who is a full-time competitive player and is usually paid to play video games. Their work is to play a particular type of game for a period of time which may span into years in order to learn and know every crack in the game. As a professional gamer, it requires a lot of dedication, passion, and skills. For them, their lives are spent on the screen playing a particular game time after time to know everything possible about the game and give his/her reviews on it. 

Research conducted by NPD Group for the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) shows that video games have had a positive impact on Canadian players in their daily lives. The research showed that half of the respondents think that video games help develop technical problem-solving skills, and another 40% believe video games teach us to communicate and work as a team.

 Let’s take a look at salient points that highlight the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a professional gamer. Lucas Golberg, a guest author here, tells you her opinion on the pros and cons of a gamer’s lifestyle. After a read through this article, you will understand the challenges faced by these professionals and the risks involved in such as a career.


  1. As a professional gamer, your basic visual processes are improved: One of the pros of being a gamer according to Psychology today is that video games have shown to positively increase a player’s ability to be able to distinguish minute differences. This phenomenon is known as “Visual Contrast Sensitivity”. It improves the eyesight of visually impaired players and helps them be able to detect their direction of movement.
  1. You enjoy the ease of anxiety and depression: video games have been proven to have a positive effect on the reduction of anxiety and depression. Most gamers in forums talk about how video games help those who have a social anxiety disorder to be better in initiating relationships.
  1. Gaming acts as a Brain Booster: Are you a regular game player? Then you have been directly impacting the region of your brain that is responsible for spatial orientation, information organization, and memory by playing games. It could also improve your decision-making skills and it is said that people who spend time daily with fast-paced games have a 25% faster reaction rate to questions and situations.
  1. As a Professional Gamer, gaming sometimes acts as a painkiller: A Study conducted in Canada has shown that 3D games can help reduce the brain’s response to pain. Video games can act as a distraction from chronic pain conditions or painful activity.
  1. Video games aid Retentive memory: Any mission game always requires remembrance. Imagine failing at a particular level where you are being returned to your last Save. Such aids your retentive memory capacity as you try recalling your previous track. So it is most likely a gamer would recall event scenarios or digits faster than a non-gamer.
  1. Faster Reflexes: If you have played games like Halo, Call of Duty, or any other war game. Then you will know that there is no hesitation, if you hesitate then you will be killed. Timing and reflexes are important and one of the key elements of moving from one level to another, beating the time, and not hesitating to kill.
  1. Great Multi-tasking Abilities as a Gamer: A gamer must be able to multitask as gaming aids one to do that. Fast reflexes combined with relative memory strength are good qualities of people who can multi-task and these are qualities of professional gamers.
  1. Improved Social Skills: Research has shown that those who play video games are more likely to have better social skills and academic performance because of their social and collaborative skills.
  1. Gaming brings about a persistent Attitude: One of the advantages of gaming just like one of the pros of being a gambler is a persistent attitude to always try over and over again believing that one would win. Such is the same for gamers as they are always eager to win. Since it is either wins or losses, you have to keep trying, learning from your mistakes until you achieve your aim. This has led to a conclusion from studies that video games can instill confidence in people and the ability to work towards their goal.


Becoming a professional gamer also has its disadvantages especially in Esports-related games. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of Esports as it relates to professional gaming. The advantages have been discussed extensively, so we want to look at the bad effects of professional gaming and the risks involved in it.

  1. Gaming could inspire violence: According to research it is shown and proven that there is a direct link between an increase in aggressive behavior in people and violent video games. In July 2019, a 23-year-old man was charged in an alleged quadruple homicide north of Toronto, Canada. He reportedly shared details of the killings with friends made through an online game he had played for two years. This implies that violent actions in games such as picking up arms and shooting could inspire violence in people.
  2. Loss of Focus and concentration: Individuals who engage in playing video games usually have a problem with their focusing ability. It causes impulsiveness in individuals and restlessness.
  3. It causes Addiction: There is no way a gambler who plays his or her favorite game in top Canadian casino platforms like spin million casino would not get addicted to it. Likewise, gaming as most video games has the addictive tendency that makes you engage in them frequently. It even reaches a point whereby you feel you cannot stay without such activity.
  4. It limits academic progress: Although video games improve strategic thinking and decision making. They can also deteriorate them. Students who use their free time to play video games can struggle to keep up with school. Procrastination is common amongst them because they don’t have time for their academic work due to video games.
  5. It may lead to weight gain: Too much time on the screen translates into laziness and may cause the addition of weight. Gamers who are addicted, tend to eat food, lay in one place for hours which is an unhealthy habit.


The pros and cons of being a professional gamer have been discussed, if you love playing video games, do you intend to take it to another level as a professional? Or you just want to play for fun. The choice is totally yours to make.   

Oct. 30, 2020

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