Attorneys protesting to denounce Monferrier Dorval’s murder. Photo credit: Georges H. Rouzier

Murdered attorney Monferrier Dorval’s bag was stolen from a Port-au-Prince courthouse on Monday night, according to Robinson Pierre-Louis, the secretary of the city’s bar.

Haitian gourdes that were in Dorval’s belongings were also taken, but the thieves left behind the American currency. 

Le Tribunal de Première Instance, where judicial authorities hold evidence in investigations before trials, does not have a surveillance system.

Dorval, a prominent attorney, was shot dead in his home last August. After the killing, bandits ransacked his house twice in September, stealing the Saint Nicolas stick, which symbolizes the power of the head of the bar, among other belongings.

Police took four suspects in Dorval’s murder to the national penitentiary in September after government commissioner Ducarmel Gabriel questioned them. The suspects have been identified as Modeler ‘Abiby’ Sénéjeau, Makender Fils-Aimé, Valery Dort and Vilpique ‘Jah’ Dunès. Source

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