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Casino Games That have Made the Most Millionaires

It is the dream of every player who enters a brick & mortar casino, online casino or gaming parlour to win a massive amount of money and become a millionaire overnight. Over the years, the number of people who have won million dollar payouts has increased.

Are these wins based on pure luck or is there more to it? Choosing the right game can often impact the success of the outcome. We look at the different types of casino games that have made the most millionaires. We are specifically going to focus on slot wins, poker wins and blackjack wins.

Slot Millionaires

Slot games are the most popular games at both brick & mortar casino and online casinos. This is because slot games are based entirely on luck and do not require any specific strategy to win. Simply spin the reels and see if it is your lucky day.

The biggest win in slot machine play was back in 2003 when an engineer from Los Angeles put down $100 on a Megabucks slot machine and ended up winning a whopping $39.7 million. The Megabucks game has created a number of millionaires over the years. Some of its biggest payouts include a $27.5 million jackpot win in 1998 from a $300 wager and another $21 million payout in 1999 over a $10 wager.

The Mega Moolah series of jackpot games from Microgaming has created a long list of millionaires over the last decade. These progressive jackpot games are arguably the most popular jackpot games around the world. The Mega Moolah progressive jackpot has paid out a €8,027,631 win in 2012 on a €0.030 stake, a €17,879,645 million win in 2015 and a €11,546,388 payout in 2019.​

Some of the other popular progressive jackpot games that have turned players into millionaires overnight include Major Millions by Microgaming. Arabian Nights and Hall of Gods by Netent.

Blackjack Millionaires 

While online slots don’t require any skills to win big, blackjack certainly requires a strong strategy to come out on the winning side. This is why the house edge on blackjack games is around 0.5 percent while the house edge on slot games are at usually between 5 percent and can go up to 10 percent. 

If an experienced blackjack player with a strong strategy hits the table, they can reduce the house edge to even 0. We take a look at some of the biggest blackjack wins that have turned players into millionaires overnight.

Kerry Packer from Australia is widely regarded to have made the most money at the blackjack tables. He is reported to have won over $7 million in one night and would go on to win $40 million in 1991. Packer had a blackjack strategy that was unbeatable and went on another streak in 1995 in Las Vegas when he won over $40 million in 40 minutes at the MGM GRAND.

Corporate executive Don Johnson used his skills at the blackjack tables in 2011 to amass millions of dollars. Reports show that during a 6 month period, Johnson played blackjack at The Borgata, Caesars and The Tropicana. He accumulated over $15 million in winnings.

Ken Uston is reported to have used the king of blackjack strategy to go on to win $4.5 million in Las Vegas during a period from 1975 to 1981. Hollywood start Ben Affleck who is good at card counting has also taken over a million dollars from the blackjack tables.

Today, you can also play blackjack online and make money from the comfort of your home. You can take your new skills and play blackjack online using a real money bonus. But don’t expect a windfall until you have mastered the game.

Poker Millionaires 

Poker operators have upped the stakes during the last decade and today high stake cash games take place on a much more regular basis. A number of young poker players have won millions of dollars at both the live and online poker tables that have caused them to quickly rise to the top of the Hendon’s Mob All Time Money List.

Poker like blackjack requires players to have a strong strategy and know a few tricks whether it is live poker or online poker. Due to the popularity of the game of poker in the last few years, the competition has increase which has made it more difficult for players to win big pots. Here is a look at some of the biggest million dollar poker payouts.

The biggest recorded win in live poker history goes to Antonio Esfandiari who won the inaugural 2012 Big One for One Drop event that saw him take home a whopping $18.35 million. The second biggest win saw American poker pro Justin Bonomo win $10 million in prize money that after winning the 2018 Big One for One Drop.

Poker pros know that there are huge payouts especially when they move to high stakes poker games. While the buy-ins to these games are high, there are also poker staking sites and poker backers who are willing to put up all or a majority of the buy-in in exchange for a percentage of the winning amount.

So if you are not good with learning and developing a blackjack strategy, you should see if you can work with a poker strategy that will work at the high stakes tables. If gaming strategy is not your forte, you should try playing some of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot games.

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