103-year-old author Odette Fombrun. Photo credit: Juno7

Odette Roy Fombrun, a 103-year-old author, wrote a long message to express her sorrow over Haiti’s insecurity. 

“I am 103 years old,” Fombrun said. “Needless to say, after having fought so hard for my country and its youths, how sad I am that I’m about to leave and my country is in chaos, our elites are divided and the majority of the people are in misery, at the mercy of lawless gangsters and murderers.”

Gang members set houses on fire and killed at least 21 people during a series of attacks in September. The media reported at least seven murders between Oct. 9 and Oct. 15.

Fombrun is feminist activist, a fiction and non-fiction writer, she also penned up textbooks and news articles. She’s best known for writing “Contes d’Haiti” (Haiti’s Tales) and “L’Ayiti des Indiens” (The Ayiti of Indians). Source

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