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How to Write Real Reviews Which Will be Trusted

With the online world always expanding, people have more and more places to write reviews. There are the sites like Yelp, which are specifically for reviews. There are social media sites which allow you to write reviews in various ways. How do you know what to do when faced with all of this? Read on to learn how to write more trustworthy reviews.

Use Formal Review Sites

There are lots of places you can put your reviews online now. Your best bet is still to put them on a site specifically designed for that purpose. Sites like Yelp, WebFX, or TripAdvisor are the best ones you can use. People on those sites are there leave legitimate reviews, so your review will be given a seal of legitimacy too. People will come to these sites to look for reviews to help them.

Always be Fair

You should always be fair when leaving a review. Yes, some encounters with certain businesses and staff can leave us raging. But if you take a deep breath before leaving a review, things will be much better. People will trust your review more if it comes across as reasonable. They will not trust it if it seems like you just venting rage. Take a deep breath, and put down your concerns in reasonable terms. People will look at this review, and be warned about what treatment they will receive. It can be hard, but being fair will lead to a more trusted review.

Match your Written and Starred Reviews

Most review sites now have a space for both a written review, and a star rating. When leaving a review, try and have these match up as much as possible. You will see people leaving what looks like a fine review and then giving it one star. Don’t do this! You will ruin your own credibility if you do. Try and leave a star rating that matches your overall review. It can be hard to do – some sites only let you leave an overall rating. But people will trust your reviews so much more if they match.

Look for the Positive

When writing your reviews, try and focus on the positive. While some things might have disappointed you, look at what you liked. Your reviews will be much more rounded if you look at both sides of the equation. People read reviews to get a fuller idea of what to expect (and to decide if they want to shop there). They will trust your review if you give the full picture. Obviously if you had an experience with no redeeming features, then write about that. But if there was something good about it, then write about it.

Don’t Leave Fake Reviews

This shouldn’t need to be said, but just in case. Don’t leave fake reviews. First and foremost, it is a bad thing to do. It can ruin the online reputation of a business. This is why people need businesses like so often these days. Second of all, it makes you less trustworthy. How do people know when you are leaving a fake review, and when you are leaving a real one? They don’t. Leaving fake reviews is a very good way to make sure that nobody listens to you again.

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