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Every year we hear more and more about vapes, which are slowly replacing classic cigarettes or tobacco rolls, but we do not know much.

Hon Lik patented the devices similar to modern vapes in 2003, despite their predecessors that appeared here and there since the 1930s. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines an e cigarette as any electrical device that allows you to inhale containing a variable amount of nicotine vapours that enter the respiratory system without burning tobacco.

Fundamentally, an e cigarette is a device that heats an e liquid that can consist of three major elements: a neutral substance, fragrances, and nicotine. These substances are usually sold already mixed or, sometimes, you can buy them separately.

Positive Points

If we talk about the advantages of the best vape mods, it is better to single out the benefits of e cig over the usual ones rather than finding any useful properties of a vape pen itself.

The transition from traditional to electronic cigarettes gives consumers two great advantages: the possibility of saving up and wellness. People who choose the best box mod vape instead of regular cigarettes experience a significant reduction in smoking expenses. One should consider such factors as the type of e cigarette and substances used for it for health issues. Respectively, substances with less nicotine and without other toxic elements may be less harmful than traditional cigarettes’ content. Though vape mods are a widely used product, there are no sufficient studies that could claim any serious health benefits in the long run.

The article Randomized Trial of E-Cigarettes versus Nicotine-Replacement Therapy published in the New England Journal of Medicine confirms this. The article also suggests that the e-cigarette is a more effective alternative to regular cigarettes than nicotine patches or other available substitutes. The document, presented to Public Health England in 2015, also emphasizes that an e cig is not as harmful as a traditional one.

Compared to traditional cigarettes, best box mods do not heat the liquid to the combustion temperature, which reduces the negative impact on the lungs, namely reduces the possibility of excretion of toxic substances. Other benefits include the disappearance of teeth’s yellowing, which is a usual consequence of smoking traditional cigarettes. In addition, vape pens do not usually leave persistent odours on the tissues.

The NHS (National Health System) of England talks about the possibility of using vape as a tool to quit smoking. This can be achieved by gradually reducing the dose of nicotine in the dressing. However, if we talk about those who start their smoking way. I mean mainly adolescents here. The WHO notes that starting to use vape mods, they double the risk of smoking regular cigarettes at a later age.

Negative Points

As for the negative factors of vape use, there exist plenty of research that highlights them. First, nicotine consumption is hazardous to health and can cause such diseases as cancer, popcorn, lungs, heart attack, and so on. Moreover, it makes no difference using nicotine-containing e cigarettes or regular ones. In addition, nicotine can reduce fertility, reduce the number of lubrications, slow down the movement of sperm in men, and disrupt the menstrual cycle in women.

Second, vaping is the cause of many changes in the psyche. Since vaping is becoming a part of a routine, the usual schedule begins to change. A vaper needs to either wake up 10 minutes earlier or skip breakfast to continue the vaping session before work. Often such changes cause anxiety and stress because people do not notice the time passing; they get angry with themselves and others. Accordingly, the number of conflicts is growing, which cannot positively impact life balance. Conflicts, both at work and home, lead to a deterioration or resolution of the relationship and cause a bad mood. Thus, such people are characterized by mood swings, irritation, and impulsiveness.

Third, vaping can negatively affect our self-esteem. Many teens start vaping precisely because older people do so. They try to imitate someone they admire, thus losing their identity. Unfortunately, if this behavior is normal for teenagers, as they are still looking for their way in life, they are different. Some people with low self-esteem try to succeed in copying and founding others instead of developing their own self-sufficiency, strengthening, and maturity.

Fourth, vaping as an industry is doing incredible damage to our planet. To begin with, many dangerous chemical compounds appear in the atmosphere due to the production of parts for the best vape mods. Many resources are involved in the processes of their collection and transportation: human, monetary, energy, etc. As is the case with regular cigarettes, nicotine extract from tobacco grown on plantations is commonly used to produce e liquids. Accordingly, places for these plantations are vacated by deforestation, which leads to a lack of oxygen and massive floods. The day when your vape pen dies is also a bad day for the planet. Most devices are made with massive use of plastic and metals, which get into the soil after being thrown away. Thus this is important to sort vape mods to special boxes while sorting trash.

To sum up, there exist plenty of minor issues that need to be checked and solved. Talking about vaping, it certainly has some benefits, and well as negative sides. Being reasonable and considering the situation personally, one can decide whether it is worth changing to vape mods or not. Surely, the officials cannot recommend one to do so, but there are also enough hazards of vaping for them to ban vaping in certain situations.

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