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Digicel renovating three more schools, completing several others

Digicel is reconstructing three more schools in Haiti. Photo credit: Juno7

Digicel said it started renovating three more schools and finished expanding others in a statement on Sept. 21.

Presbytérale de Poirier School in Saint Marc, Nationale de Camp Coq in the Northern Department and Joly Garden are the three schools that are currently getting renovated.

Digicel also recently completed the reconstruction and expansion of several other schools as part of its ongoing commitment to improve education in Haiti. Mixte Sainte Claire of Saut d´Eau School, located in the central department, now has three new classrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a computer room. Its old buildings, which were built in 2008, were also reconstructed. 

Notre Dame de Pernier School and La Ruche Community School were renovated as well. They’re located in the west and central departments, respectively.  Source

Onz Chery

Onz Chery

Onz Chery started his writing career as a City College of New York student with The Campus. He also wrote for First Touch, Cosmopolitan Soccer League, and other local leagues. After graduating, Onz became one of ESNY's sports journalists then joined The Haitian Times.
Onz Chery
Sep. 28, 2020

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