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Adulting 101: The Basics Everyone Should Know

Being an adult is hard. While there is a lot to learn at any age, the convenience of a digital-fueled life has left many young adults completely stranded when it comes to basic skills. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no one becomes a full-fledged adult when they turn 18, 21 or even 30 for that matter. To help take the pressure off, here are some basics that every adult needs to know. You may want to review these yourself, or you can use them as a guideline when teaching your teenager some important life lessons before they fly the nest.

How to Cook

You don’t need to make five-star meals, but every adult should know their way around the kitchen. While it may be tempting to just eat out all the time or head straight for the frozen food, cooking is actually a good way to take full control over your nutrition and wellness. Every burgeoning adult should know:

  • How to make scrambled eggs and an omelette
  • Pasta dishes and homemade sauces
  • How to season meat, poultry and fish
  • Different ways to cut vegetables
  • How to make soup from scratch

A cooking class, some YouTube videos or simple recipe sites will put you on the path toward culinary independence.

Car Mechanics

Even if you pay for roadside assistance, it pays to know what’s under the hood. At the least, every driver should know how to change their car’s oil, replace windshield wiper fluid and how to change a tire. These are fundamental car ownership skills that can be extremely helpful in emergency situations and even save a costly trip to the auto shop. Beyond that, adults also need to know what make and model their car is, when to schedule their yearly inspection and how cars are priced according to the Kelly Blue Book. Basic car knowledge prepares adults for things like buying and selling vehicles, managing their loans and buying the right insurance.

College Costs

Student debt can haunt students for decades if they aren’t sure what they’re getting into. Many high school graduates are so focused on attending a prestigious university that they don’t consider how much they’ll have to work to pay for their degree later. The amount of debt students generate attending school can prevent them from achieving many milestones they value, such as getting married or buying a house. Every potential student needs to know how to take out students loan This includes the difference between subsidized and unsubsized loans, federal vs. private student loans, interest and repayment fees. Luckily, all of this information can be found online with a little research and referred back to whenever necessary.

How to Plan a Career

Beyond making a resume and applying to jobs online, adults need to know how to set career goals. This includes plans for professional development and timelines for achieving certain objectives; it also includes setting boundaries and standards for future employers to avoid being exploited or getting trapped in a job that doesn’t promote growth. Career planning shapes everything from what someone majors in to the skills they develop; it’s okay for plans to change, but having a basic guideline to frame adulthood is a good way to avoid becoming lost or stuck on the wrong path.

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