Monferrier Dorval was laid to rest on Thursday. Photo credit: Ticket

The funeral for Monferrier Dorval, former head of the Port-au-Prince bar, was held privately at Parc du Souvenir in Port-au-Prince Thursday.

Dorval was assassinated hours after he called for changes to the Haitian constitution Aug. 28. Hailing from Grande-Saline, a commune in the Artibonite Department, Dorval was also a professor at the University of Haiti (UEH). His death triggered numerous protests to denounce his murder.

“Oh, Port-au-Prince, you hypocrite,” one of Dorval’s older sisters said during the funeral. “Look what you did to Grande-Saline. Look what you did to Dorval’s family. Grande-Saline, here’s my brother.”

Meanwhile, police took four suspects in Dorval’s murder to the national penitentiary Thursday after government commissioner Ducarmel Gabriel questioned them. The suspects have been identified as Modeler ‘Abiby’ Sénéjeau, Makender Fils-Aimé, Valery Dort and Vilpique ‘Jah’ Dunès. Continue reading

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