A new bombshell report was dropped on Wednesday before Paris Saint-Germain’s home league fixture against Metz. According to a report from RMC Sport, PSG players are beginning to show discontent and are questioning several of Tuchel’s recent game management and tactical decisions.

For one, an anonymous PSG player revealed to RMC Sport of his dissatisfaction with Tuchel’s game-by-game managerial approach. More so, some PSG players are not on-board with Tuchel’s lack of a collective structural gameplan as the team is instead at times solely relying on its star forwards such as Neymar to carry the load for the team. One player was quoted as saying that at times, the gameplan often centers on “give the ball to Ney, you have to look for Ney.”

In regard to off the field dilemmas, some players are also not satisfied with Tuchel’s apparent preferred favorable treatment of the team’s South American players.

Several players are also reportedly questioning Tuchel’s management of the versatile Marquinhos. The players much prefer Marquinhos play in his natural position as a center-defender, although Tuchel may elect for the Brazilian to take up some playing time as a defensive midfielder this season. Continue readinge

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