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Different Types of Masks People Are Wearing for Protection

The world has completely changed in the last few months. People all across the world and their lifestyles have been affected by it. World Health Organization and health experts advise to keep social distancing along with sanitizing the hands regularly and wearing a mask to cover the nose and the mouth. Now that all people have to wear masks regularly, people are being creative in making and wearing different kinds of masks. Here, we are going to talk about what kinds of masks people are wearing.

The Classic Surgical Mask

WHO suggests an N-95 mask but surgical masks can also be used in daily life. These masks are easy to get since, in hospitals, surgical masks are used. Many people use these masks since they protect the person wearing the mask and the surrounding people. You can wear such protection for longer than just once, but the mask must be thrown away at the latest when it has become moist from the air which happens quickly.

Bandana Masks

Bandana is not a mask but its piece of cloth that many people wear on the neck or the head. Many people are using this to cover their mouth and nose and it is really the easiest method to make a mask at home. It protects the wearer against bacteria released from other people’s cough or sneeze. This is a very convenient and multi-purpose mask as it can be used for many other things as well.

Face ID Masks

Yes, you heard it right. Many people are also wearing Face ID masks that allow users to unlock their phone without removing the mask. So, how does it work? The lower face of the user is printed on the mask in a way that it formulates a complete face. And then, the user has to register it as the new Face ID and it will unlock the phone. This is really a smart way because sometimes removing the mask or unlocking the phone may pose a risk.

Cloth Masks with or without Filter

Since the masks in the stores are selling fast these days, homemade cloth masks are also getting popular these days. Many people are seen wearing such masks, and they really protect against germs and bacteria. It can be made from boil-proof cotton cloth such as pillow cover or t-shirt. Just attach an elastic wire on the sides and your mask is ready. A filter can also be placed based on a vacuum cleaner bag.

Cone Masks

We have seen many people wearing a cone-style mask that covers the nose and the mouth. It is equipped with a metal strip at the nose part so, it stays on the face properly. These are widely used masks. According to medical experts, these masks provide more protection than bandana masks but are less effective than cloth masks. Although, this type of mask can be a good or a person as long as they are not wet.

Filtering Face Masks and N-95

These types of masks the ones that offer real protection to the user. These are made of strong material, and they are equipped with filters that protect users from inhaling pathogens. Such masks are washable but are not suitable for daily use. These masks are very hard to get these days as they are in the PPE or the doctors so, even if you have such masks you can donate to the hospitals or the doctors.

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