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How to boost writing motivation during COVID-19

If your study or work is much related to writing, you may find it quite difficult to find inspiration for that during the coronavirus pandemic. Both creative and academic writing need motivation that is hard to have while spending at home most of the time. Social distancing makes people lose motivation for various activities and writing is not an exception. But work and study responsibilities continue, so we need to find ways of motivating ourselves and complete all the tasks. To stay on track and keep writing in the times of pandemic, consider the tips below.

1. Set small goals every day

Admit that it’s okay not to be at the peak of your productivity during the coronavirus and don’t set very ambitious goals for yourself. Big goals seem unrealistic in the pandemic circumstances as there are so many external factors that may interfere with your intentions. You should acknowledge that these aren’t normal times, so you must be less demanding to yourself. Thus, set realistic objectives for every day instead of long-term planning. Focus on small targets for each day, so you can move forward slowly but surely. They can be gathering data, doing research on a specific topic, or making the first draft of a paper. Cross manageable tasks off your list every day to deal with your writing challenges.

2. Try the Pomodoro technique

Doing writing work at the office or campus gives you time to socialize during a break. Being surrounded by people can be highly motivating, and so working from home can be very hard when you are doing it alone. Luckily, thanks to Zoom or FaceTime, you can socialize with friends while working. You can try the Pomodoro technique with your peers or colleagues via Zoom. It means that you can work for 25 minutes and have a five-minute break after each writing session. Working together and chatting with your friends while making a pause can boost your motivation and productivity. It helps to stay focused on writing as everybody is working simultaneously. Pomodoro sessions can be measured with the help of various apps, such as Tomato Timer or Focus Keeper.

3. Find time for relaxation

Many people commonly struggle with overworking while staying at home as nothing restricts their work hours. Long-term overworking leads to exhaustion and motivation drop. Scheduling time for both writing and relaxation promotes work-life balance. Well-balanced daily activity helps to maintain motivation and stay efficient. Once you have written a planned number of pages, put down the work, and relax. Figure out what schedule works best for you and stick to it without overworking.

4. Don’t worry about decreased productivity

It is okay that you may not be highly productive all the time. Social distancing may cause an inability to focus and work effectively. In case you cannot do anything to complete your writing task, turn to professional help. You can use a cheap essay writing services for UK students or ask your peers for assistance. Such services can help you with any type of writing within tight deadlines. Don’t neglect someone’s help when the work seems impossible to be finished. Expect less from yourself in new coronavirus reality.

5. Make your mental health a priority

Being motivated is almost impossible when your mind is overwhelmed with worries and anxieties. Writing gets too difficult if you can’t manage your stress which is natural during the pandemic. Take care of yourself by doing regular physical activities, taking breaks for relaxation, eating healthy, and maintaining a normal sleep schedule. Try to read less news about coronavirus and avoid people who make you feel depressed. Refocus your attention from stressful events towards positive things. If your emotions get out of control, share your feelings with someone. Remember that good mental health is essential for having optimal motivation.

COVID-19 made people face many challenges in both personal and professional aspects of life. This period of change is emotionally draining as the future is unforeseeable. The coronavirus has completely changed our routine and made us find new ways of staying productive. The pandemic decreased the levels of motivation among workers and students. Therefore, one of the acute issues now is seeking ways to maintain interest in daily activities.

Although it is not easy, the lack of motivation is possible to overcome. You should organize your space and time, acknowledge your small wins, take breaks for relaxation, use someone’s help when needed, and take care of your mental health. These actions are the key to boost your writing motivation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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