Voice of America Kreyol posted a video of law students throwing rocks at a police armored vehicle and attempting to burn it.

Voice of America Kreyòl posted a video of a police armored vehicle that stopped running after students threw rocks at it while screaming, “Shoot us.”

“We will die in any condition in the country,” a protester says in the video. “Us students, we say no, it’s too much. It’s too much. Too many people died in the country.”

The students kept throwing rocks at the immobile vehicle and attempted to set it on fire. Another police vehicle came to the rescue and shot toward the students and threw tear gas.

Tear gas spread inside Champ-de-Mars, a park near the university, to the point that it was impenetrable. It also reached Lycée Marie Jeanne, an all-girls high school, leaving many of the students in excruciating pain from irritated eyes and a burning sensation on their noses. One of the students appeared to have fainted in another VOA Kreyòl video.

City officials have not yet spoken about the incidents.

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